What to give a person who is keen on Tarot (tarot reader)?

What to give a person who is keen on Tarot (tarot reader)?This question is tantamount to another question: what to give an avid fisherman when you know nothing about fishing? And the answer is obvious: whatever you want, as long as it is not connected with fishing!
When a person is passionate about some business, he himself knows better than others what he needs and where to get it. You can guess, but the chance is not great. Therefore, it is best to ask directly. And they will tell you what to give, and where exactly it can be ordered at the best price / quality / purchase opportunity. You shouldn’t invent anything with the author’s tarot decks, multi-colored tablecloths for fortune telling, magic balls, tarot bags, online tarot courses, etc. Your gift may remain collecting dust on the shelf, if the person is not a collector.
And what to give to a person who is just going to plunge into the world of Tarot?
Likewise, this question is identical to the following: what to give to a person who sits on the shore of a reservoir and dreams of fishing, but takes absolutely no steps on the way to his dream? The answer is similar: nothing to do with the Tarot. Take my word for it: Tarot is such a specific topic that a person must immerse himself in. You always need to start yourself. Further, if higher powers deem it necessary, they will show the way. Until then, a person must make this path for himself.