What is love spell

Tarot cards divination. The Lovers. Love spellsSome people have a desire to get what they want without serious effort. Why strive for a person, reveal yourself, suffer from love, sacrifice something, create, if it seems everything can be done much faster and easier… After all, you can conduct a magical ritual and get what you want in addition to the will of the other, while the person himself will run for you. But everything has its own price, which is by no means always indicated by large numbers on the price tag! The price of a love spell that fell well on a victim is a minimum of two lives: the victim and the person who ordered this privorot. It’s minimum.

Love spell is a conscious magical effect on a person with the aim of subordinating and suppressing the possibility of freedom to choose a partner.

Love spell is the commercial name of spoilage to death. The mechanisms of impact are approximately similar. But not a lot of people are ready to commit a conscious murder, but there are many more who want to pay for the love spell. On them and this game of words is calculated.

The victim of a love spell understands everything perfectly, she just has strength to resist. This is the loss of vitality. Man becomes absolutely different. Symptoms are similar to spoiling for death: sudden illnesses, lack of strength, loss of luck, loss of money, alcoholism, depression, hysteria, nervous exhaustion, nightmares, weight changes and so on.

Tarot cards divination. Love spellsBetween the victim of a love spell and the customer, there will never be a feeling of true love – this is impossible. They will forever remain in the roles of the customer and the victim. The victim will constantly dream of escaping from magical slavery. In other words, these people will always be enemies, even though they can coexist together.

A person ordering a love spell does not feel a real sense of love for his victim – he is driven by a thirst for property, power, permissiveness.

But everything can be quite different – for real! First timid steps, first dates, mutual desire to be together, joint joys, shared victories, sincere mutual feeling of love … If your feelings are sincere – you will be noticed. The reward for this can be much more than many think. But, even if nothing happens – it will be life – the taste of victories and defeats, not a leap into oblivion and an eternal fall.

I am engaged in the diagnosis of love spells on Tarot cards: Tarot cards diagnostics and divination. The questions of removing love spells are discussed individually after diagnosis: Negative removal