Tarot cards divination

Tarot cards divinationI am engaged in the Tarot cards diagnostics and divination: Tarot cards diagnostics and divination

Tarot is an ancient coded system of knowledge based on a deck of tarot cards, each card of which has a special esoteric and philosophical meaning. With the help of Tarot cards divination, we can learn the influence of the past on the current situation or the question of interest, understand the problems and the causes of their occurrence, relationships with their partners or ill-wishers, understand how best to proceed so that our issue is resolved favorably, and much more.

Tarot – this is the oldest and most popular in Europe occult card system of fortune telling. The Tarot card is called “Arcana”, which means “secret” in Latin from “arcanum”. According to one version, a pack of tarot cards is an Egyptian hieroglyphic book, which consisted of 78 tablets.

Tarot cards divinationDivination system of tarot cards – the most magnificent system of knowledge – is so grandiose in depth and universal as an instrument of knowledge of the world that it is attributed to an unearthly origin.

The origin of the tarot deck of the Tarot remains a mystery to this day. There are many versions and legends. Some say that the images on the tarot card are from those that were found in Egyptian tombs. Others associate them with the Kabbalah and the card game popular in medieval Europe, on the basis of which a new divination was born.