Tarot cards diagnostics and divination

Spiritual Healing, Tarot cards divination, help in various situations, eliminating negative influencesDivination is a ritual aimed at establishing contact with otherworldly forces in order to gain certain knowledge. Tarot cards are one of the tools for establishing this connection.

My name is Alexey. I came from Ukraine. And this site is not exactly about guessing and predicting fate. Yes, I look into your past, present and future – at what is determined by fate and help you figure it out. But, your life and your destiny are only in your hands and no one else’s. And you have to go through this life path yourself, I can only help you. To do this, I use Tarot cards divination and clairvoyance. I look to the future in order to understand how to solve your current problems with which you come to me.

This site is about various possibilities for solving your problems, foreseeing them, determining and analyzing the causes of the occurrence using clairvoyance and cards divination techniques. To determine which direction you should move, it is necessary to analyze the current situation, and also to understand how you got into it, that is, to disclose the reasons. Only having full information, you can analyze your life and build plans for the future. This is what I’m helping you with.

Often we face the problem of choice: what should I do in this situation? Paraphrasing this question on: what will result from this or that decision, we can consider different options with you. Draw conclusions and make a decision then you will still be yourself.

Spiritual Healing, Tarot cards divination, help in various situations, eliminating negativsEverything happens in our life: problems with the opposite gender, colleagues at work, heavy interpersonal relationships, difficulties and troubles in business, home worries, medical problems and so on. Divination on Tarot cards can help in all this.

The mechanisms of clairvoyance, tarot and magical intervention are complex enough to describe everything in several paragraphs – many books are written on this topic, so we will not dwell on them in detail – this is not our goal. Everything is discussed individually.

I want to immediately warn those who wish to make a magical impact on third parties: spoilage, curse, evil eye and so on – please do not waste my and your time – I do not do such things. But if you feel the need to get rid of such effects – welcome! I am also ready to tell people who want to create evil for others, what exactly it will turn out to be, and together we can find a way out of the situation without karmic consequences.