Spoilage, curse, evil eye, love spell – mechanism of influence

Spoilage, curse, evil eye, love spellSpoilage, curse, evil eye and similar have similar mechanisms of influence. An entity from another world settles into a person, that lives by feeding on his energy.

Over time, as the entry grows, her appetites increase. If at the initial moment the victim could not notice the uninvited guest, then with the passage of time the loss of energy becomes obvious. The person weakens, because the essence is nourished by his life forces. The most unpleasant thing is that even after the death of a person, these entities do not leave it, but continue to eat and prevent the soul from rising.

Spoilage, curse, evil eye, love spell - mechanism of influenceIn exceptional cases, the settleted entity can be fed not only by a victim of spoiling, curse, evil eye, but also blood relatives and sexual partners. It’s hard to get rid of this essence on your own.

Diagnostics of negative influences can reveal habitable entities, spoilage, curses, evil eye and other negative magical effects, and also will prompt ways of getting rid of them.

Issues of removing spoilage, evil eye, curses and love privorov are discussed individually after diagnosis: Tarot cards diagnostics and divinationNegative removal