Spell water from spoilage, evil eye, negative influence: rules and recommendations

Tarot cards divination. Ace of Cups. Spell water from spoilage, evil eye, negative influenceWater has the ability to accumulate information and energy. This property is used to remove spoilage, evil eye and negative influences. Use drinking water without GAS and no flavor additives, which you will drink. Requires a full capacity of 2-6 liters with a wide neck. Ordinary packaging 0.5-2l with a narrow neck is not suitable!

Water should be stored in a dark cool place away from heaters and people. Do not allow prolonged heating of the water or being in direct sunlight. Boil water or cook from it is prohibited. Transferring water to other people is prohibited – water is made for one person. Make sure that the water does not accidentally hit another person.

Drink water 3 times a day. You can not skip even once. Do not spill water. Drink half a cup or glass, but not less than 3 mouthfuls.

The first time you should drink water in the morning, as soon as you get out of bed. In addition, you need to drip a few drops of water on your palm and wash with this water. Do not wipe yourself – the water should evaporate itself. It does not take a lot of time. The other two times at lunch and in the evening do not need to wash. In the evening, you need to drink water when you have finished all your business and are going to go to bed.

If the water darkens, there will be bitterness, a putrid smell – immediately stop taking water. Pour water under any tree (pour it) and thank the God for everything. Pouring into the sewer is strictly prohibited! You will need a new one water.

When you finish the water, you can bring a new one. Standard course – 3 times. Everything is determined individually.

Water for the removal of negative influences does not cure medical conditions. Nothing is added to the water. For medical problems, please contact your doctor.