Rules and Payment

It is quite natural that any labor should be paid for, especially so complex. There are no tariffs.

We all have different problems and different opportunities. I try to help absolutely everyone who addresses me. You determine the amount of your gratitude yourself.

I reserve the right not to answer some or all of the questions in my personal discretion.

I reserve the right to refuse services without explaining the reasons at any time. In this case, payment, of course, is not made.

I do not answer questions about global world events, politics, macroeconomics, lottery results, sports events and so on. We can only discuss your life and people connected with you in one way or another.

Clairvoyance techniques that I use in dealing with Tarot cards assume only your personal presence. Online or telephone consultation and divination are not available. I do not reply to sms messages.

All my services absolutely do not replace the need for visits to the doctor and are informative. For medical issues, you must contact the doctor. Without your prior reference to your doctor in the reception may be denied. Your doctor’s recommendations always have the highest priority.

If you do not have a question that you are ready to discuss with me, and the only reason for contacting me is a desire to have fun, such as “tell me fortune” or “predict the future”, please contact another specialist.

I want to immediately warn those who wish to make a magical impact on third parties: spoilage, curse, evil eye, love spells and so on – please do not waste my and your time – I do not do such things.

You determine how to use the information received and are fully responsible for this. I am not responsible for the quality, reliability and completeness of the provided services and information. I am not responsible for any of your, or third parties, damages, either tangible or intangible, arising from the provision of information and / or services by me, or reading this site. I do not take responsibility for your life and your actions. Your life is in your hands – only you are fully responsible for your actions and their results.

Payment is not refundable.

The information obtained in the course of our communication with third parties is not discussed.

Persons under the age of 18 can only come with full age relatives or guardians.

I reserve the right to change the contents of this site without prior notice.

The site may contain advertising. I am not responsible for its content.

Reading this website, receiving information from me and (or) using my services, you unconditionally agree to these terms and conditions in full.