Negative removal

Tarot cards divination. Negative removalNegative programs (evil eye, spoilage, etc.) often have protection against removal. One of the directions of this defense is the difficulty in finding a person who would help get rid of the “negative”. And if you read these lines, then the first step you have already committed.

Consciously or unconsciously sent negative influence on a person, in addition to direct signs, visible through clairvoyance, has many indirect ones: systematic lack of energy, loss of energy, spoiled relations in the family and with colleagues, strange dreams, inexplicable permanent illnesses, craving for alcohol, harsh loss or set of weight, a constant lack of work or money, a long period of failure and so on. It is important to clearly define: we are dealing with a negative influence or with a medical problem.

Negative, evil eye, spoilage removalIt happens that the cause of the disease lies in the presence of a “negative” in your life. Official medicine does not use this term, therefore it is not able to understand this source of problems. The cured disease can return again and again or flow into other phases or diseases if the cause is not eliminated. Our task with you is first of all to determine the reasons, to understand them, to find ways to neutralize them and to build a plan to change your life.

Together with you we will be able to find out the true causes of your troubles, as well as get rid of negative influences.

All medical information is informative, discussed only individually and only after your request to the treating doctor, whose recommendations are of the highest priority.