Learning Tarot online, courses of magic and divination by Tarot cards

Learning Tarot online, courses of magic and divination by Tarot cardsSometimes I am asked the question: Do I teach divination by tarot cards or magic? Is free?
Let’s divide at once all those interested in learning magic and Tarot cards divination into two categories: to whom it was originally “given” and “not given”. That is, a person has this gift, which must be developed every day, or a person has a different purpose in this life. (Do we remember that the border between the gift and the curse practically does not exist?!)

For those who are given, online courses are not interesting – they have their own path and it is difficult to turn off it.
But if not given, please think, do you want to take someone else’s? Who do you want to take it from? What are you willing to give in return and to whom? No templates, please. Consider this my first Tarot lesson: forget the templates! If fate puts you before a choice: a deck of Tarot cards or the continuation of life – which will you choose? If fate asks you this question every day, slowly but surely taking the second and clearly demonstrating the result – your choice?
Teaching Tarot and magic online is like online warhead disposal courses: you need to cut the blue wire and everything will work out!.. Or the red one? Or will it not work out? Is it possible to trust a “teacher” who at this moment is not directly next to you and does not in any way share your risks? Is such a “teacher” responsible for the activity or inactivity of his students?
The vast majority of online tarot divination and magic courses are offered by people who are not allowed to deal with this topic, but really want to make money easily. They could try and it didn’t work for them for one reason or another. In fact, there is only one reason – this is not their topic. But these people believe that they have invested in their so-called “knowledge” (in fact, they were trained by those who were dishonest with them and did not show them the door right away), therefore they consider it their duty to recoup this investment with interest. They usually have no other motivation. They do not teach culture and traditions – they are solely focused on making money.
I do not teach magic or Tarot divination either online or offline.