Interpretation of Tarot Cards

Interpretation of Tarot CardsI am engaged in the interpretation of Tarot cards: Tarot cards diagnostics and divination

For accurate divination on the Tarot cards you need to know their interpretation. In the modern literature, the main interpretations of Tarot cards and their meanings are given. But in fact, everything is a little more complicated.

Each Tarot card represents a window to another world. Its interpretation is relative and always depends on many additional factors. But the basis of interpretation will always be what you see in this window.

Interpretation of Tarot Cards window to another world78 Tarot cards are 78 windows to another world, each of which looks at the investigated problem from its angle. For ease of understanding, imagine that you are looking at a problem from the house that is located around this problem and in which there are 78 windows. The view from each window allows to consider the issue from different sides, but the question remains the same. In this case, the classical interpretation of Tarot cards is used only for the initial orientation in the question.

A certain alignment in the interpretation of Tarot cards dictates which windows to pay attention to. Therefore, true divination involves the use of clairvoyance for correct and accurate interpretation of cards.