Divination online – can we take it seriously?

Divination onlineWe often come across the ads on divination online on the Internet sometimes even without the need to provide a photograph or the name of the divination facility. Results promise to be sent by e-mail. Sometimes it is suggested that you divine online directly on the sites. At the same time, various popular divination systems are used: Tarot cards, Runes, Lenormann cards and so on. Is it possible?

Let’s remember how the classical process of divination occurs when you come to a specialist. First of all, any master establishes contact with the visitor: it can be a look at a person or a photo, touching the body or personal things, asking to move a deck of cards and the like. Without an established contact, a further process of divination is impossible. In online divination this stage – the fundamental stage of successful divination – is simply overlooked.

Divination online - can we take it seriouslyProfessional divination is primarily clairvoyance with the help of various instruments: a pendulum, coffee cups, Tarot cards, Runes, Lenormand cards … Divination is a ritual aimed at establishing contact with otherworldly forces in order to gain knowledge. Therefore, online divination will have at least some sense only when otherworldly forces will have access to the Internet.

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